The Adowa Series

An Epic African History.

The Adowa Story

An Epic history of resistance unfolding on the African continent from 1820-1900s.


At the end of the 19th century, most of Africa has been carved up among the various European powers. In 1895, the kingdom of Italy had set its covetous eyes on the kingdom of Ethiopia and embarked on the final European conquest of an African nation.
Waiting for them at ADOWA, in northern Ethiopia, were EMPEROR MENELIK II & his wife EMPRESS TAITU BITUL, with their gallant generals at the helm of a united force; RAS MENGESHA & RAS ALULA of Tigray; RAS MEKONNEN of Harrar; RAS MICHAEL of Wollo; RAS TEKLEHAIMANOT of Gojjam, and thousands upon thousands of patriotic men and women warriors from across the kingdom, all of them united and willed, the Ethiopians triumphed over the Italians, securing the distinction of being the ONLY African nation to squash European colonization and remain independent.


The victory at the battle of ADOWA was not only a defining moment for the Ethiopians but also the signal event of our times - the defeat of European power by united black Africans was the beginning of the eventual end of European global hegemony on the African continent and beyond, ushering in the era of the rise of Africans and their black descendants on the world stage that continues to unfold before us today.


With race-based populism and white supremacy sweeping across the globe in our own time, with African nations stroking the fire of regionalism and the Western world, particularly in America and Europe, succumbing to their ugly past of outright bigotry, the Adowa story which takes on the divisive African regionalism and the fascist ideology of the Italians head-on and obliterates them; is a timely project that aims to become a seismic cultural moment.
The story of Adowa as it had always done so in the past as the black world began to rise with a dignified resistance, will always capture the unspoken zeitgeist movement of any culture of resistance against aggression.