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An Epic Story About


Africa's past is the world's past. From its origin as the cradle of humanity to now, Africa and its descendants, no matter what color, race or gender, no matter where they ended up on Earth, represent some form of aggression and resistance against each other that shape the lives of humanity. The Adowa Series looks at the experience of resistance against those who aim to dominate all others.


The Adowa Series aims to tell the complete story of the African continent and its black descendants' experience with the most destructive forces that have ever been unleashed on them: Race and ethnic Supremacy. The Victory at Adowa exposes the false ideology of European supremacy and African ethnic regionalism as being nothing but fabrications invented by those in power to dominate others, and race and ethnic superiority crumbles and collapses in the face of a united and vibrant culture of resistance.

The Future

The last century has seen Africans and their descendants earn their independence and freedom around the world. The problem of this century is the problem of black equality and dignity. It's the defining century in the relation of the black races to all others. The Adowa Series examines how to bring about global black unity in the face of the dawning of the new technological revolution for the few and impending ecological collapse for the many that are about to leave an entire continent and most of its black children into a new age of slavery.

Beenie T. Mel

Explore Africa with a new perspective.

Ben began writing after attending a program for Harlem Screenwriters at Columbia University in New York City. The Adowa Series is a passion project that has taken years of research as he attempts to teach himself about black and African history on his own. His mission to uncover the lost history of his ancestors and champion the cause of black unity and dignity around the world is a lifetime commitment.