The Lion of Magdella


Book One of the Adowa Series takes the reader through an African perspective of the world history of humanity, with emphases on the creation of the racial Caste-System hierarchy in the 1500s that began to form the deeply divided and unequal world we find before us today. A biography of Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia who faced the British Empire in the beginning era of Colonialism highlights the continuing battle between the aggressors who aim to dominate the world and the resistance of those fighting back for justice and equality throughout the centuries to our own time.


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Sankofa:Born Equal Only

The first part of the Sankofa Trilogy is an Afrofuturism adventure that takes on gender injustice through the perspective of rival fraternal twins born to be the Guardians of Maat, the first Queen to rise to the throne in the kingdom of Axindar in a post-apocalyptic medieval Africa.


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